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Some examples how XINFO was used in several projects

Product description

XINFO is an information system for batch production. It enables you to access and cross-reference all data from various IT systems.

XINFO Queries

XINFO enables your users to find the right answers to questions that can't be answered at all:


XINFO is an information system for anybody who needs production-related information:


The XINFO client makes it possible for you to access JCL, SMF and Scheduler data 
from the PC and to display it graphically.

XINFO ISPF interface

The XINFO ISPF dialog enables you to enter selection criteria in predefined panels and display the results in tables. 
For most IT personnel, the advantages are obvious:

XINFO Graphics

Beside having the advantages of Windows vs. ISPF, the XINFO client enables you
to create graphics based on 
TWS, CA7, ZEKE, BAGJAS, APM, Jobtrac, Control-M, SMF and JCL.

Use WebViewer to view graphics created by XINFO

SMF Bar Chart

The SMF Bar Chart presents the job history as an easy-to-read graphic. 
Colours can be customized, for example, jobs with waits or errors can be displayed differently. 
The bar chart displays in one single picture:

Job Net Plan

XINFO analyses scheduler data (OPC, CA7, Control-M or ZEKE – more on request) and displays jobs and dependencies in a clear way. 
Your information is presented as an easy-to-understand net plan. 
Symbols can be customized for clarity and convenience. 
The net plan displays in one picture:

Dataset Flow Chart

XINFO analyses the JCL and displays datasets and programs in a clearly arranged way. 
Your JCL is presented as a flow chart. 
All symbols and line types can be customized, for example, the background or the font colour, the font size, etc. 
The flow chart displays at at a glance:

JCL Explorer

The JCL Explorer gives fast access to job net plans and dataset flow charts. 
These can be activated by the user with a single mouse click. 
The Explorer displays the most important Scheduler and JCL information:

Source Analysis

In addition to production data, XINFO also analyses program sources. 
With this data, XINFO becomes an extensive IT information system. 
Application development and production planning can now answer questions such as:

Of course the result of the analysis is also represented graphically, for example, the relationship of main programs to sub-programs:

XINFO Source Explorer

The Source Explorer shows the essential program elements in a tree chart:

XINFO WebViewer

Use WebViewer to distribute all graphics created by XINFO over the Internet or on your intranet. 
Use Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator to access graphics from anywhere at any time.

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